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Creating a more unified nation

ImpactIsrael partners with Yemin Orde Youth Village and Village Way Educational Initiatives to turn Israel's most vulnerable youth into upstanding individuals through the power of education. Through the innovative and data-proven Village Way methodology, we are creating a stronger nation.

U.S. Staff

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Development Officer

Director of Institutional Giving

West Coast Development Director

New York
Development Director

Director of Finance and Administration

Marketing Manager

Senior Director of Stewardship and Communications

Israel Staff

Director Emeritus of Yemin Orde Youth Village,

Founder of Village Way Educational Initiatives

Outreach Coordinator at Yemin Orde Youth Village

Director of Village Way Educational Institute

Chief Executive Officer of Village Way Educational Initiatives

Director of Yemin Orde Youth Village

Deputy Director of Yemin Orde Youth Village and Village Way Educational Initiatives

Director of Outreach,

Yemin Orde Youth Village

Board of Directors



Dale Okonow

Lifetime Trustees

Dr. Chaim Peri
Paul Silberberg
Mark I. Solomon, z”l

Immediate Past Chair

Robert Arogeti

Honorary Trustees

David Cordish
victor gelb, z”l

Board Members

David Amar
Allen Applbaum
Michael Azeez
Jeremy Barnett
George Blank
Mark Claster
Michelle Bond Copelin
Michael Frieze
Charles Gwirtsman
Victor Hammel
Jeffrey Hirschfeld
Judy Kaye
Beth Landman
Jason Lazar
Jill Linhardt
David Nussbaum
Rabbi Michael Paley
Harvey Potter
Steven I. Rosenfeld
Michael Salzhauer
Eric Schwartz
Barry Shrage
Lewis Shubin
Robert Shubin
Paula Solomon

Annual Report

Our annual report takes a dive into the previous year of life at Yemin Orde and Village Way Educational Initiatives. Hear from students, graduates, and educators, about how our educational methodology is impacting their lives.

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ImpactIsrael strives to be as transparent and accountable as possible to our global community of donors, volunteers, and anyone interested in our mission.


Financial Statement


Form 990
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