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Yemin Orde Youth Village?

Founded in 1953, Yemin Orde Youth Village is an acclaimed haven and school for at-risk youth, that delivers an all-encompassing school and home within a 24/7 framework; providing each student with the individual, peer and familial environment and support needed to succeed.

Who attends


Yemin Orde is home to 400+ at-risk and immigrant youth representing more than 20 countries of origin. Most youth at Yemin Orde have suffered trauma including loss, neglect, and extreme poverty. The school is for youth in grades 9–12.  



Utilizing the Village Way, Yemin Orde provides a holistic experience for students. Through education and educational enrichment: sports and cultural arts; guidance counselors and mentors; supportive workshops; individual and group social and psychological therapy, and financial assistance, students are given a secure foundation to gain confidence, self-esteem, grow and thrive.

Jewish and Israel education is also integrated into daily life at Yemin Orde, from Shabbat and holiday services, to trips and hikes across Israel, Torah and modern Zionism come together to create a lasting connection to Israel.

Visit Yemin Orde

A visit to Yemin Orde’s beautiful 77-acre complex is sure to be a highlight of any trip to Israel. There you will meet inspiring youth from around the world; hear from passionate and highly qualified staff; explore state of the art facilities like the Eco-Farm and culinary center, and experience first-hand the power of the Village Way methodology.


Located on Mount Carmel just outside Haifa, a visit to Yemin Orde can easily be combined with nearby cultural and historical sites, boutique wineries, and more. The Village is open year-round. Whether you are traveling with a group, family, or individual, we’d love to welcome you!

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