There are many ways you can learn more or help spread the word about Yemin Orde Youth Village and Village Way Educational Initiatives.

Contact one of our regional representatives to learn more and who will gladly meet with you or provide you with printed information about the Village, including brochures, CDs, videos and other marketing and promotional materials. Also, help us spread the word!

Host a Parlor Meeting in your home or workplace for family, friends and colleagues in support of the work of Yemin Orde.  Our Israel Spread the word about Yemin Ordeleadership and Village graduates tour the United States several times a year. They would be happy to visit your home, office or synagogue to share news and information about the Village and Educational Initiatives. Email for details.

Encourage family and friends to visit the Village. Include Yemin Orde as part of your itinerary on your next trip to Israel. Additionally, tell your friends to join you, too! The Village is open year-round, 24/7, in order to provide a home for our youth who have no other family in Israel.

Advocate on behalf of the children at Yemin Orde by forwarding emails and information about the Village to friends. Volunteer to speak at a local synagogue, day school, or community group to share information about Yemin Orde and its amazing successes with at-risk Mayim Bialek helps spread the word about Yemin Orde and how to impact Israelyouth. Indeed, community advocacy is a great way to spread the word on a broad scale.

Engage family and friends through social media: post information about the Village on Facebook or Twitter accounts; ask for ideas and suggestions about fundraising opportunities for Yemin Orde.

Encourage family and friends to share tweets, photos, links, posts and other messages they receive about the Village. Also, connect with ImpactIsrael to keep current on news from Israel and the Village.

If you would like to help spread the word about Yemin Orde, please email us at or call 202.237.0286.

Learn more details about the ways to Get Involved.