The Eco-Farm is a sustainable and educational environment.

The environmentally responsible Eco-Farm at Yemin Orde incorporates two critical important components of Yemin Orde’s renowned Village Way educational methodology: Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) and Tikkun HaLev (repairing the heart).  As a result, the children, through their activities at the Eco-Farm, gain a sense of self-esteem, pride in their work, and a feeling of belonging to the Land of Israel.

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Caring for animals teaches pride and patience.

Caring for the farm’s herd of goats is a popular and therapeutic activity for our youth. Twice a day, small groups of children take turns to shepherd the goats to graze in a nearby pasture. This task helps develop leadership, patience and perseverance, as well as provides a therapeutic introspective time for the child.

Along with caring for the animals (donkeys and chickens, too), the children also participate in learning programs and hands-on opportunities at the center’s blacksmith shop, its ceramics studio and gardens.

The infrastructure of the Eco-Farm utilizes modern electrical and lighting systems, as well as a comprehensive water system for fire prevention. There are also two organic greenhouses with upgraded irrigation systems. In addition, approximately 50 trees and an outdoor organic vegetable garden have been recently planted.

Our youth take great pride in harvesting the vegetables grown at the farm, as well as collecting eggs from the hens, honey from the beehives and milk from the goats. The Village now sells pasteurized goat milk, cheese and yogurt to households in the Village, and sells leafy green vegetables to customers both in the Village and nearby towns.  The Eco-Farm has received kashrut (kosher) certification so that the vegetables grown there can be used in Yemin Orde’s kitchen, which feeds approximately 600 people (children and staff) a day.