Years after graduating Yemin Orde, alumni are accomplished and productive citizens of Israel.

Our graduates know the Village and its staff are always there to provide lifelong graduate support in any way.

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Yemin Orde’s Graduate Program provides academic scholarships and financial assistance in times of need. Indeed, the promise that “Yemin Orde will always be there for you” is important to every person who has ever lived at the Village. Additionally, graduates who enter the military or volunteer in Israel’s National Service Program often receive financial and emotional support throughout their service.

We Are Always There For You

  • Care Packages: Village staff prepare care packages for their soldiers and attend army ceremonies.
  • Graduate House: The Graduate House in the Village is designated for graduates to stay if they have nowhere else to go while on military leave, on Shabbat, or other occasions.
  • Financial Aid: The Village provides housing stipends and loans to its graduates.
  • Special Events: Yemin Orde is host to special events such as graduate weddings, receptions and class reunions.

Yemin Orde Graduate House Lifelong Graduate Support

The Graduate House

Many of the Village’s graduates left families behind in other countries, are orphaned or do not have a safe home in Israel to go back to. As a result, the 65-bed Graduate House (pictured above) provides a “Home Away from Home” for many Yemin Orde graduates with accommodation for those without a place to live after graduation.  The Graduate House ensures that Yemin Orde graduates will always have a comfortable place to stay.

Haifa University Study

In March 2007, professors from the Haifa University School of Social Work conducted a survey of 200 men and women who graduated from Yemin Orde Youth Village. The survey examined the long-term impact of the Village and its methodology on the lives of its graduates. As a result, the study found that 90% of Yemin Orde graduates are “satisfied, well-adjusted citizens” and that they are likely to hold academic degrees, work full-time, achieve management positions, and volunteer.

  • 93% felt at home at Yemin Orde.
  • 92% were satisfied with life at Yemin Orde.
  • 14 years: The average number of years spent in school for a child at Yemin Orde. This is higher than the national average among the Jewish population in Israel.
  • More than one-third holds academic degrees.
  • About half of those students under age 30 continue to study.
  • 69% participated in volunteer activities.
  • 88% of the graduates stated that they were interested in volunteering in the future.
  • 94% of the males served in the army, with more than half as commanders or in combat units.
  • 89% of the women served in the army or performed national service.
  • 90% said that they were satisfied or very satisfied with their lives.

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