Annual Reports

ImpactIsrael supports educational communities for at-risk youth in Israel. The U.S.-based organization is the philanthropic partner for Yemin Orde Youth Village and Village Way Educational Initiatives, both located in Israel.  As you'll read in our annual reports, the Village Way educational methodology, created by Chaim Peri when he served as the Village's director, is cited as a model of educational excellence in Israel. Today, the Village Way methodology is integrated throughout Israel into 49 other youth villages, therapeutic residential communities and public high schools with high populations of at-risk and immigrant youth, including schools in Arab communities.

Our Annual Reports will introduce you to Yemin Orde's youth, graduates and staff, and help you explore the magic of our Village on Mt. Carmel.  Discover how Yemin Orde and the Village Way are transforming the lives of Israel's children - it's next generation of leaders.

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