Impact IsraelImpactIsrael supports the programs and activities of Yemin Orde Youth Village in Israel and Village Way Educational Initiatives. The Village is a home, school and safe haven for at-risk immigrant youth from around the world. The Educational Initiatives expands Yemin Orde's methodology, the Village Way, to youth villages, schools and therapeutic communities with  high populations of at-risk youth.

ImpactIsrael and Our Mission-A Snapshot

ImpactIsrael: A Case for Giving

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Yemin Orde Youth Village

Yemin Orde Youth VillageYemin Orde Youth Village Students is home, school and safe haven to 440 at-risk and immigrant youth from around the world. Today, our youth are from Ethiopia, Former Soviet Union, France, Brazil and Israel-born. Alumni remain connected to the Village long after graduation and often return for financial assistance, life cycle events and celebrations. Our graduates are politicians, military leaders, community advocates, lawyers, health care and technology professionals, educators, musicians, artists and more.

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Village Way Educational Initiatives

Village Way Educational InitiativesVillage Way Educational Initiatives (VWEI), created in 2006, expands the scope and impact of Yemin Orde's successful educational methodology, called the Village Way, to thousands more at-risk and immigrant children in Israel. Today, VWEI works with 55 youth villages, residential therapeutic communities and public high schools with high populations of at-risk youth, including schools in the Israeli-Arab communities. By 2021, the VWEI hopes to partner with a total of 59 educational frameworks in Israel and, thereby, impact 25,000 youth and 2,800 educators.

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Yemin Orde Youth Village StudentsImpactIsrael strives to be as transparent and accountable as possible to our global community of donors, volunteers and anyone interested in our mission. We encourage you to read our 2019 Financial Statement that highlights the impact of philanthropic efforts and reflects our careful attention to fiscal excellence and responsibility. You can also read our 2019 Annual Report and learn about the Village's graduates, donors and the quality programs and services that make the Yemin Orde difference.

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