Elevating education and lifting lives the Village Way.

Supporting Yemin Orde Youth Village and Village Way Educational Initiatives

Graduate Day is one of the most important and popular days of the year as it reinforces the promise and support of a hopeful future.

Annual program offers family members the chance to meet teachers, informal educators at Yemin Orde.

Israel’s military conducted a study of high schools across Israel relative to IDF service and pre-military gap-year programs.

Educators at three Village Way partner educational communities have launched new impactful programs in their schools that celebrate cultural diversity, as well as offer creative and confidence-building extra-curricular activities.

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Yemin Orde Youth Village

Yemin Orde provides a home, school and safe haven to hundreds of at-risk youth from around the world.
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Village Way
Educational Initiatives

An educational consortium empowering educators through expansion of the Village Way methodology in Israel.
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News Center

Impactisrael Receives Coveted Four Star Rating For Fifth Year in a Row

ImpactIsrael outperforms most other charities in America; only 15% of charities evaluated have received at least 5 consecutive 4-star evaluations. …

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ImpactIsrael Remembers Dr. Nicholas N. Kittrie z”l

ImpactIsrael represents Yemin Orde Youth Village at memorial service for the remarkable life of Dr. Nicholas N. Kittrie. Dr. Kittrie …

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Graduate Success Stories

Yemin Orde graduate Liora Zenou

Liora Zenou

Liora Zenou left Toulouse, France in search of a safe and meaningful way to observe Jewish traditions.

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Yemin Orde graduate Danny Admasu receives award for doctoral dissertation.

Danny Admasu

Danny Admasu is one of the most prominent social activists in the Ethiopian community in Israel.

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Endalow Takele graduates from Western Kentucky University

Endalow Takele

From an absorption center in Beersheva to Brandeis University, Endalow Takele, is one Israel’s next generation of leaders.

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Watch Our New Video!

Our new video highlights the educators, students and graduates whose lives are impacted by the Village Way. The Village Way is an educational methodology, first modeled at Yemin Orde Youth Village, which aims to guide at-risk youth and young adults to rise beyond the mindset of survival to become leaders. Today, the Village Way is integrated in 55 educational communities in Israel, impacting 22,000youth and 2,500 educators.

ImpactIsrael, formerly Friends of Yemin Orde, is helping to elevate education and lift the lives of Israel's troubled youth the Village Way.