We invite you to join us as a Sustaining Friend which is an important fundraising tool which provides an ongoing source of funding for Impact Israel Sustaining Friendimportant programs and activities at Yemin Orde Youth Village and the Village Way Educational Initiatives.

A Sustaining Friend is a donor who makes or renews a gift of $1,000 or more to our Annual Campaign and agrees to renew that commitment for the following year or beyond. A Sustaining Friend may withdraw or change the amount of their recurring commitment at any time.

“We will be able to set our fundraising goals with confidence as well as focus on expanding our nationwide community of donors”, said Karen Sallerson, Executive Director, ImpactIsrael.

ImpactIsrael raises approximately $7 million annually to provide quality programming for Yemin Orde Youth Village and to expand the Village’s successful educational methodology, called “the Village Way,” throughout Israel under the umbrella of the Village Way Educational Initiatives. Since its launch in 2006, the Educational Initiatives has impacted 11,800 youth and 1,500 educators by bringing its methodology to 31 educational communities in Israel. By 2020, the Village Way plans to reach 30 additional communities.

Benefits of Becoming a Sustaining Friend

  • A Sustaining Friend will have their name highlighted in bold in ImpactIsrael’s Honor Roll of donors, which is printed in the Annual Report.
  • A Sustaining Friend is a positive role model for family, friends and colleagues when recognized for his/her extraordinary commitment to Israel and its at-risk youth.
  • Sustaining Friends will receive select communications from the Yemin Orde family, including reports from Village and Educational Initiatives leadership.

Download PDFs of exclusive reports for our Sustaining Friends from Yemin Orde Youth Village and Village Way Educational Initiatives

Yemin Orde Youth Village receives approximately 70 percent of its operating expenses from Israel’s Ministry of Education. Philanthropy provides the remaining 30 percent of funding, which is $7,000 per child, per year, in order to give fragile youth at the Village the crucial missing pieces needed to become productive members of Israeli society.

Village Way Educational Initiatives is supported 100% by philanthropy. The Marcus Foundation of Atlanta is the lead funder for the Initiatives. Its Derech Kfar (Village Way) Educational Institute trains educators and provides funds to implement a three-year plan with core programs in other youth villages and public high schools for youth at risk. The Marcus Foundation provides a challenge grant of two dollars for every dollar raised by ImpactIsrael for the expansion.

For questions about joining us as a Sustaining Friend, email Karen Sallerson, Executive Director, ImpactIsrael or call 202-237-0286.