The graduates of Yemin Orde are Israel’s next generation of leaders.

Graduates of Yemin Orde

Graduates of Yemin Orde Youth Village remember the importance of volunteering and providing help to those in need.

Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) is a core element of the Village Way methodology, as well as an important tenet of Judaism. The concept of “Paying it Forward” or re-paying a favor or good turn by doing the same to others is important to our graduate-leaders. This concept is also evident in the learning and growing process of Israel’s at-risk youth in the Village.

Graduates of Yemin OrdeYemin Orde graduates are leaders and involved in every aspect of daily life in Israel, from politics, business, health care, military, the arts and technology to community activism and volunteering. They are self-reliant adults, educated participants in the workforce, and have a deep sense of social responsibility.

Graduate Mentor Program

The Graduate Mentor Program at Yemin Orde Youth Village provides networking and referral opportunities to younger graduates by matching them with older Village alumni. These older graduate-leaders provide guidance through army service, higher education options and careers.

Graduates who serve in Israel’s military are supported throughout their active duty service. Many graduates serve with honor and distinction, rising to the rank of officer. Staff and children attend military or education ceremonies for graduates without family or close friends in Israel. Care packages are prepared for graduates on active military duty.

If a graduate is in dire financial distress, Yemin Orde’s staff provides immediate guidance and financial assistance. Our staff will sit with the graduate to discuss money management and help the individual build a plan to prevent future problems.

Yemin Orde’s graduates know the Village will always be there for them. The Village keeps in regular contact with everyone through monthly phone calls, text messages and a “WhatsApp” group to keep the whole class updated and in touch with one another.

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