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A program for members to make a legacy commitment to impact the State of Israel through value driven education and support using the Village Way methodology.

“A bequest through the L’Chaim Society is our way to encourage our children and grandchildren to stay engaged and ‘pay forward’ our love and devotion - for Israel and the impact the Village Way is making."

- Michael Azeez, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

“Impact Israel and Yemin Orde have been such a major part of our lives. We have done a great job telling our children about the organization and we look forward to sharing the same with our grandchildren. An endowment to ImpactIsrael allows our future generations to know what was truly important to us.”

- Amy and Robert Arogeti, Atlanta, Georgia

“I think of the Village’s youth as the hope of the future. The mates they choose. The families they raise. The roles they’ll play in Israel’s security and future. I want them to continue to grow and spread their beautiful spirit.”

- Sandy Goldstein, Boston, Massachusetts

What is Impact Israel's L'Chaim Society?

L’Chaim Society is an exclusive program for members to make a legacy commitment to impact the State of Israel through value driven education and support using the Village Way methodology.

The name L’Chaim has multiple meanings. Not only is it the traditional exclamation of celebration it also honors Chaim Peri, the Village Way’s extraordinary visionary. It also signifies the life, impact and legacy of our members.

Group of Teens
“My life has been a full life – spouse, children, career. Through the L’Chaim Society of Impact Israel, I can live on in the fullness of these children’s lives. ”

L’Chaim Society Membership Privileges Include:

Recognition on the L’Chaim Society Wall of Honor at Yemin Orde Youth Village and acknowledgement as leaders in ImpactIsrael’s Annual Reports.

Transportation to the Village when you and your family are in Israel.

Members-only events and reports. L’Chaim Society e-Newsletters.

Pride and knowledge of making a difference in the lives of at-risk children in Israel. Am Yisroel Chai!

To become a member of the L’Chaim Society or to learn more, please complete this form. You may also email Bob Gurmankin, Bob@Impact-Israel.org or call 973-998-4709 to indicate your interest.

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What Will My L'Chaim Society Legacy Achieve?

Below are examples of current annual expenses for core programs of Yemin Orde Youth Village and the Village Way Educational Initiatives.

“There will always be at-risk and immigrant youth in Israel. We want to give a gift in perpetuity so Yemin Orde can continue to provide a head start for a rewarding and full life.”

Terry and Shifra Gardner, Houston, Texas

The following are giving vehicles to consider for estate planning purposes.

Please Note: Any significant charitable gift should be reviewed with your legal and financial advisors.

vic and dena hammel

This Will Be Our Legacy.

Dena & Vic Hammel

Wyomissing, Pennsylvania

It was love at first sight! On a mission to Israel in 1999, we stopped at Yemin Orde for a few hours. I was immediately impressed with its goals of rearing and educating orphans (or virtual orphans) from around the world. But beyond the admiration of its objectives was the emotion of meeting both the enthusiastic kids and the warm, deeply devoted staff and teachers. In the words of Shimon Peres, this was the embodiment of the Israel we all dream and hope for...

"There is no place like Yemin Orde anywhere in the world — no place! I pray that the whole world will become like Yemin Orde. "

Shimon Peres Z"L
Former prime minister and president of Israel

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