Dear friends and family,
For my b’nai mitzvah project, I am raising money for Yemin Orde Youth Village  in Israel and, specifically, to help its arttalia-art-supplies therapy program.

Yemin Orde gives at-risk kids a home and a great education so they can have a good and productive life in Israel. Otherwise, the Village’s fragile children would be lost, with little chance for a healthy and hopeful life.

I chose to support Yemin Orde’s art program because I really like art and I enjoy doing it . In art, you have to use your creativity to express yourself. The Village’s art program lets troubled youth express themselves creatively, too, which helps them feel good about themselves and be better students.

Please help me achieve my goal to raise $1,800 for Yemin Orde and its kids.
Talia Jacobsohn

jacobsohnPlease click here to donate or click on a donate button at the top  or bottom of this page and help me reach my goal. Remember to highlight my name in the “Earmark Your Gift” section when you fill out the donation form.

If you have any questions, contact the Friends of Yemin Orde office at 202.237.0286 or email

Make a difference today and help support the at-risk children at Yemin Orde Youth Village.

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