Born near Gondar in Ethiopia, Wovite, aged 10, together with her mother and seven older siblings, made her way on foot through Sudan Wovite Workuto make Aliya during Operation Moses, in 1984, a journey that took two years.

Wovite  spent her high school years at Yemin Orde Youth Village and after graduating, participated her national service as a teaching assistant at a school in Safed. This was to be her first step on the road to an interesting and fulfilling career in education.

With her national service completed, Wovite completed a B.A. in Informal Education at Bar Ilan University, followed by a Teacher’s Certificate and an M.A. in Educational Administration.

Wovite recently received her Ph.D. at a ceremony of the School of Education at Hebrew University’s Mt. Scopus campus. It was, indeed, a highlight of her remarkable journey, both personally and professionally.

Today, Wovite serves as the national supervisor for new immigrant at-risk youth at the Ministry of Education, a field she loves and in which she is dedicated to making a difference. In addition, she teaches one day a week at the David Yellin College of Education; is a mentor to two talented Ethiopian students through the organization “Olim BeYahad”; and volunteers on the Parents’ Patrol in her hometown of Nes Ziona.


Wovite is also the author of a new Hebrew-language children’s book (see photo above, left)  about her journey from Ethiopia and the challenges she and her family faced as new immigrants in Israel.

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