Sheyla Berkovich, 20,  immigrated to Israel from Ukraine in 1996 with her sister, Elina, and her brother, Yan.

She arrived at Yemin Orde Youth Village in 2013, when she was in the 10th grade.  Her siblings also attended Yemin Orde.  As a student at the Village, Sheyla studied Russian, physics and geography. She also participated in the Brandeis program and was very active in extra-curricular programs in the arts and sports areas.

Sheyla and her siblings all graduated from Yemin Orde high school and they are all now serving in the Israel Defense Forces. Sheyla serves as a soldier in the Combat Search and Rescue unit.

Sheyla expects to be discharged from her military service soon with the rank of First Sergeant. She plans to study structural engineering at Israel’s prestigious Technion University.

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