Beit Joie Arts Center provides umbrella of art therapy tools for youth to explore, express and process traumatic events in their lives.

Beit Joie Art therapy Center youth
Beit Joie Arts Center nourishes spirit and creativity in at-risk youth.

Most of the at-risk youth at Yemin Orde Youth Village have faced adversity and traumatic life events. The Beit Joie Arts Center, open daily, provides Yemin Orde’s youth with a safe space to express themselves creatively, overcome personal difficulties, find inner strength and, achieve resilience.

The Center was built in 1999 with the help of longtime Yemin Orde supporters, Arthur and Linda Schwartz. The center is named in memory of Arthur’s daughter, Joie, who loved art and was an art student.

Beit Joie Arts Center Buzzes With Energy and Creativity

Beit Joie Art therapy Center students
“E” with art teacher, Diana, presents artwork reflecting dual nationality.

Drawing and painting classes help at-risk youth express their emotions and feelings. Instructors help youth develop a positive self-image by focusing on process rather than the end product and by offering encouragement along the way.

Young artists feel appreciated and their artistic contributions valuable.  The caring bonds that instructors build with each child reinforce the notions of trust and worthiness, not only within the walls of the Arts Center, but also within the Yemin Orde community – and to a greater degree – to Israel’s future.

Ceramics and Music Classes Offer Hands-On Experiences

Beit Joie art therapy center student
“A” from the Former Soviet Union created a ceramic mask titled ‘Reflection on Myself’.

In the Arts Center’s ceramics classes, youth work on projects relating to different themes: holidays, personal journeys, or challenges. The classes offer at-risk youth the opportunity to delve deep into their emotions and struggles and, at the same time, experience the therapeutic, calming effect of dipping their hands in wet clay, shaping and applying texture and creating a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

The music program includes activities such as instrument classes (drums, piano, piccolo, violin, guitar and more), instrumental ensembles, singing and voice development and theory classes (reading  notes, understanding musical structures). Some of these classes are offered in small groups, others are offered on an individual basis.

In 2018, Yemin Orde offered a Master Class in music to inspire more youth and allow them to meet professional musicians. The first Master Class was with singer Honi Asor – the star of Israel’s X Factor music competition. Honi sang with Yemin Orde’s teens, shared his experience writing songs, answered questions and shared tips on how to present a song in front of a large audience.

Beit Joie art therapy center musicians
Y-Orde Band performs at Yemin Orde.

Yemin Orde’s youth choir has expanded into the newly-formed Y-Orde Band, that includes musicians as well as singers. Participants receive voice lessons, rehearse often, go on field trips to watch other band performances, and also perform at events in the Village, as well as outside Yemin Orde.

Photography Program Captures Imaginations

Beit Joie art therapy center
Y, a 10th grader from Ethiopia, and photography teacher, Ra’anan.

The photography program at the Arts Center informs at-risk youth how to convey messages through photos and how to use the camera as a vehicle for self-expression. Youth learn the mechanics of the camera, attend photo exhibits outside the Village and meet with professional photographers.

Photo students also learn about and explore the different genres in photography. The main theme that runs through the photography program is the development of the youth’s unique voice — their opinions, individual outlook, emotions and experiences.

With this art form, at-risk youth can express themselves through their photographs.

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