Village Way Communities Stand Up to Stop Violence Against Women

Village Way communities marked International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women by providing opportunities for teens to learn and share awareness about this important issue to others. These activities featured elements of Tikkun Olam, a central component of the Village Way methodology.

Rose Matzkin High School

At Rose Matzkin High School in south Tel Aviv students prepared a moving photo exhibit which displayed in the Tel Aviv City Hall. Students in the school’s cosmetology and photography curriculum worked together to prepare photos for the exhibit. Invitations were extended to youth from other schools to speak about the initiative and the issue of violence against women. These activities were part of a larger program focused on gender which is receiving Village Way support.

Amal Energy Tech High School

Amal Energy Tech High School, located in Hadera, has a majority population of male students. This year, the few female students have been meeting together regularly to address issues specific to their needs. After learning together about the issues of domestic violence and prevention, the girls decided to raise money for a local domestic violence shelter and spend a day volunteering with the children living at the shelter. The Energy Tech students felt they truly made a difference in their effort, and this will turn into a longer-term volunteer project for them.

Naamat Makr-Jdede High School

At Naamat Makr-Jdede High School, an all-girls high school in the Arab villages Makr and Jdede, educators focused on Tikkun Olam and engaging their students on social issues affecting women and girls. Students created posters and photos that reflected issues of awareness, reporting, prevention, and public awareness in their local community.

It was not easy to for the at-risk youth to learn the harsh realities of this important safety and public health issue, but they learned that in supporting a just cause, they can help build a better society.

Click here for a complete list of Village Way partner communities.

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