Village Way educators offer learning opportunities that reflect core elements of the Village Way.

At Miftan Tamra High School, a technological school in the Arab city of Tamra, students found new ways of combining “Tikkun Olam” and “Anchors in the Past”, two important components of the Village Way. To celebrate the Prophet Muhammed’s birthday, which is part of the Muslim student population’s cultural and religious heritage, youth baked cookies and cakes to pack in decorative packages. The students distributed the sweets to leaders and professionals in local government offices (photo, right) showing appreciation for their leadership and spreading some much-needed cheer

At Amit Ashdod High School, a Jewish religious technical high school in Israel, the school community has focused on Tikkun Olam activities. The school initiated an “adopt a senior” program where students delivered Shabbat challahs, food baskets, and other goods to frail seniors in need in their local community. Meir, a 9th grader at Amit Ashdod, said: “It felt so good to give to others in need. I feel like really did a mitzvah today.” By helping others in need,  students are positively impacted with a new sense of self-worth and confidence – personal attributes which are important during these complex times.

At Naamat Makr Jdede High School, an all-girls school serving Arab students in northern Israel, the students and staff chose to focus Tikkun Olam activities on breast cancer awareness in their own community. The girls designed and printed bumper stickers and distributed them to women in the community, as well as engaged in discussion on awareness and early detection.
(photo, right)

At Amal Energy Tech High School, despite coronavirus restrictions, a volunteer staff member organized outdoor exercise meetups after completion of the school day. These activities had a positive impact on students and enabled them to move, exercise and come together, in-person, for something positive, productive, and interactive.

Village Way in Higher Education

Village Way courses continue to be offered via remote learning at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Oranim College, and Tel Hai College. While Zoom learning is challenging, it does have some advantages, such has allowing different lecturers to “jump in” on lessons they otherwise would not be able to teach due to time or geographic restraints. Recently, Yemin Orde graduate, Dr. Wovite Worko Mengistu, who teaches a Village Way course at Hebrew University, joined the class at Oranim College where she shared her personal story of Aliyah and integration. She also discussed the Village Way concepts of Anchors in the Past and Anchors in the Future

Village Way Educational Institute Launches Milestones Leadership Course

Participants in the Milestones Leadership Course are comprised of a select group of high school principals and youth village directors, the majority not yet affiliated with VWEI. The course provides a unique opportunity to go through an intense training and peer-learning process through the lens of Village Way educational methodology.

The Educational Institute follows all health guidelines in effect in Israel, including utilizing a new outdoor meeting space at Yemin Orde Youth Village created for VWEI trainings.

When two of the 18 participants of the course were put in quarantine due to COVID exposure this week, the Educational Institute constructed an outdoor projector screen and called them in to the sessions on Zoom. The message: just as we say to educators that we don’t give up on any child, we also don’t give up on any educator. These steps provide important modelling of behavior for educators and leaders, providing examples of creative ways to continue to provide meaningful interactions with their kids despite complex and challenging restrictions currently in effect.

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