Batya Shmueli, who is a much-loved community relations manager, will depart in February for Cape Town, South Africa, for a position with the Jewish Agency for Israel as liaison for the city's 15,000-member Jewish community. Batya traveled often to the U.S. to meet with Yemin Orde donors and share her personal and inspiring journey from Ethiopia to Israel.

In addition, Batya has traveled often to the United States meeting with donors, making new friends and addressing community groups to share her personal story of her family’s journey from Ethiopia to Israel.

Batya opens her heart and her home

Batya and her family lived in the nearby artists community of Ein Hod. Frequently, she and  her husband, Hed, a well-known artist and sculptor, opened their home studio to Yemin Orde's youth for exciting art programs designed to spark creativity and offer a relaxing training environment for educators. Her bright smile and warmth will be missed by all!

“My family and I are very excited to represent Israel and to support the Jewish community during this challenging time,” Batya said.  “To stand with the 15,000 members of Cape Town’s Jewish community is an  honor and a challenge.  We are sure this will be a good message for our three children: to show them the concept of mutual responsibility  and how the  Jewish people stand together.”

From the Blue Nile to the Galilee

Batya grew up on the banks of the Blue Nile in Ethiopia. She arrived in Israel in 1991 and, with her family, lived in a caravan adjacent to a small town in the Galilee. After high school, Batya served in Israel’s Navy with an elite naval commando unit. She received a B.A. from Haifa University where she studied teaching and the history of the Jewish People.

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