Yemin Orde offers extra learning opportunities for youth to strengthen important academic and language skills.


For 100 ninth and tenth graders at Yemin Orde, the month of July provided opportunities for summer fun at the Village while strengthening academic skills that declined during the coronavirus lockdown of schools.

The added academic attention is an important learning component for youth in the areas of math, English and Hebrew who need a more individual learning process, rather than the remote group activities during quarantine.

Because of the high summer education camp enrollment, Yemin Orde contacted additional university students who usually serve as tutors during the regular school year at the Village’s Learning Center, as well as former national service volunteers who are working toward or recently received a university degree.

Even though many field trips and activities outside the Village were canceled, campers were busy throughout the day. The day started with small group learning classes where youth could work on overcoming any academic obstacles and educational gaps. Afternoons consisted of fun bonding activities such as swimming (including lessons for some), master chef classes, theater workshop, playing soccer, activities at our Eco-Farm, having an evening doing beatboxing together and more.

Many thanks to the volunteers, tutors and staff who helped facilitate this three-week camp and ensure our youth continue to receive the possible educational opportunities.

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