Yemin Orde’s Young Men’s Leadership Program cited for critical contribution during coronavirus crisis.

Yemin Orde’s Young Mens Leadership Program (Mechina in Hebrew) received an award for outstanding volunteer efforts in the Hatzor community during the height of the coronavirus crisis in Israel. Hatzor’s mayor, Shimon Suisa, congratulated the group and noted the critical contribution of the Mechina during this stressful period. “It would have been very difficult and near impossible to go through this crisis period without such help,” he said.

At the beginning of the coronavirus in early April, the mechina’s director, Eyal Eldar, contacted Hatzor’s mayor to offer the Mechina’s assistance in helping maintain the wellbeing of vulnerable residents in Hatzor. The 10 young men who remained at the Mechina initially during the lockdown assisted with the cleaning and maintenance of homes where the elderly or disabled lived, distributing food packages and delivering medicine.

After Passover, when more participants could return, another 20 men came back. In total, 30 young men helped facilitate the important volunteer activities.

Food baskets and hot meals were delivered to families and seniors in need, as well as groceries and medicines. Volunteers also spent time with children with special needs, organized fun activities for young families and helped with school work for other local children and teens.

In the ceremony held on June 17 at the Mechina, the mayor emphasized the benefit of having the Mechina in the community.  He thanked the participants and staff of the program and noted that such volunteering efforts will be a permanent fixture backed by the municipality, with efforts to expand. The mayor then presented the Mechina with a certificate of appreciation.

Eyal noted that the volunteering went above and beyond expectations, using the concept of Tikkun Olam to give back to those less fortunate, making our participants leaders. He spoke to the fact that even though the survival hike and other field trips were canceled, the volunteering throughout Hatzor was a significant and central element in shaping the comradery and leadership qualities of this outstanding group.

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