50 teens received new laptops as participants of Yemin Orde's Integrated Tools program.

Congratulations to the 50 10th and 11th graders who received new laptops for their Intergrated Tools youth receive laptopsparticipation in Yemin Orde's Integrated Tools program. The laptops were distributed at the Celebrating Success Ceremony which marked the completion of the first year of the multi-year program.

Integrated Tools provides intensive learning and training in complex technology skills to highly-motivated youth. These skills include computer communications, computer networks, firewall security, cyber security and computer communication protocols. The program is in partnership with the Israel Defense Forces Intelligence Service and Israel's Border Police.

Shmuli Bing, Yemin Orde director, said the laptops held double meaning - as a tool to enjoy and as a tool for life.

"The appreciation you show is not just by saying thank you, but by always aiming to do good and invest in yourself so that, in the future, you can give back to others, your community and your society," Shmuli said.

Integrated Tools educator at Yemin OrdeParticipants devote 18 hours/week to studying computer communications, in addition to their regular school day and assignments.  Additionally, Integrated Tools students receive three hours more of added classroom instruction in English and three hours more of math instruction beyond what their classmates receive. They also receive private English and math tutoring at Yemin Orde’s Learning Center.

Computer coding and cyber-security are technology skills in high demand in the Israeli army as well as in Israel’s booming start-up technology industry. The Integrated Tools program aims to give at-risk teens the opportunity to learn and excel in these greatly marketable technology skills which, in turn, will benefit job prospects as they enter the workforce and become productive and contributing members of Israeli society.

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