Generous grant will match new and increased gifts over the next two years.

ImpactIsrael has received a two-year $172,000 challenge grant from a private foundation that wishes to remain anonymous. The grant will match, dollar-for-dollar, up to a maximum of $21,500 per donor, per year, all new and incremental gifts to ImpactIsrael.

Funds raised by the challenge grant will support the work of Village Way Educational Initiatives (VWEI), which oversees the expansion of the innovative Village Way educational Challenge grant matches new and increased gifts.methodology throughout Israel, as well as help fund important extra-curricular programs and services for 450 at-risk youth at Yemin Orde Youth Village. The Village is the flagship model for the Village Way methodology, a national movement to empower educators and lift the lives of Israel’s at-risk youth through value-driven education and support.

“A challenge grant that has the ability to match gifts, dollar-for-dollar, can energize a fundraising campaign as it multiplies gifts from philanthropic individuals, board members, foundations and others. We are grateful to this anonymous donor for sharing our commitment to Israel’s at-risk youth. This grant is a huge boost to our fundraising efforts during this particularly difficult time,” said Lewis Shubin, ImpactIsrael’s National Campaign Co-Chair.

VWEI Conference, a group discussion.The Village Way methodology is a comprehensive educational blueprint for empowering educators to refocus the energy of their students from daily survival to achieving success in school and in life. The methodology is taught Israel’s top-tier education colleges and universities, to staff at Ofek Juvenile Prison and impacts Israel's officers and commanders of Israel’s military and Border Police. Studies demonstrating the efficacy of the Village Way methodology reflect graduates’ positive attitudes toward volunteering and strong identification with the State of Israel and service in Israel’s military.

The Village Way now impacts 22,000 at-risk youth and 2,500 educators in 55 partner youth villages, therapeutic residential communities and public high schools with high populations of at-risk youth, including schools in Arab communities. By 2026, VWEI plans to expand its reach to 55,000 at-risk youth and 4,100 educators in 91 educational communities throughout Israel.

“We hope this challenge grant will inspire others to help ImpactIsrael continue to help provide the support these kids need to become confident and productive, value-laden citizens of Israel,” said Eric Schwartz, National Campaign Co-Chair.

Yemin Orde Youth Village is an inclusive home community, school and safe haven to 450 at-risk youth from around the world. Today, the population of the Village consists mainly of youth from Ethiopia, the Former Soviet Union, France and Brazil, as well as youth born in Israel. Many of Yemin Orde’s youth come from challenging home environments including extreme poverty or family dysfunction and arrive with emotional scars from childhood trauma such as abandonment, loss or violence.

Graduates serve with distinction in Israel’s military, volunteer for national service opportunities and hold jobs in Israel’s health care, technology and life sciences industries, as well as the arts, politics and education. Yemin Orde’s alumni remain in contact with Village educators and staff throughout their lives. They know that “Yemin Orde will always be there for them.”

“We appreciate the ongoing support of this foundation as it provides us with an exciting opportunity to maximize the impact of a gift and optimize national support for our vital mission. Empowering educators and helping to lift the lives of thousands of deserving at-risk youth is an investment in the promise of a safe and secure Israel for future generations,” said Karen Sallerson, Executive Director, ImpactIsrael.

To participate in this challenge, please follow this link to make a donation.

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