Small groups of youth at Village continue to keep Eco-Farm humming along.

Yemin Orde’s Eco-Farm has provided opportunity for new learning experiences for our youth who remain at the Village during the coronavirus crisis.

Small groups of youth, now called “family units” gather at the Eco-Farm with informal educators and participate in team-building exercises and art projects, as well as care for the Eco-Farm’s animals, its vegetable and herb gardens and its dairy and honey production.

Much of the vegetables, herbs and dairy products are shared with families in the Village, as well as served in the dining room. The Eco-Farm also remains a place of serenity for Yemin Orde’s youth who enjoy walking among the rows of vegetables and flowers and visiting the resident goats and chickens.

Click here to read more about Yemin Orde's sustainable and organic Eco-Farm.

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