Updates on the living and learning environment for the 110 youth currently residing at the Village.

Yemin Orde teen, Ela, extends greetings to everyone as she remains at home, outside the Village, and concentrates on her schoolwork and artwork.

Shmuli Bing, Director, Yemin Orde Youth Village, recently provided a video update on the activities and the living and learning environment for the 110 youth currently residing at the Village.

“We need to build responsibility and confidence in our youth so that they can get through this situation by themselves,” Shmuli said. “Now, we are ALL survivors. We can make this crisis result in something better.”

  • Youth are divided into small groups called "Family Units" who, along with a designated staff member, remain together for all activities.
  • The dining room is still opened (although minimally staffed); youth enter in shifts.
  • Youth at the Village are supervised and cared for by informal educators who live at Yemin Orde.
  • The Village’s team of social workers and informal educators are working with youth on a daily basis to stem growing anxiety and fear.
  • Outside visitors to the Village are not permitted until further notice.
  • Schools in Israel are closed until after the Passover holiday, including Yemin Orde’s high school.
  • Prior to Passover, staff delivered food packages and provided food vouchers to the families of our youth at home in order to provide the basic needs that many of them don't have access to.
  • Village leadership team is in touch with graduates from the last 10 years and have offered to provide emergency financial assistance, guidance and comfort – via telephone – during this difficult time.
Delivering care packages and scenes from the Eco-Farm. Yemin Orde is family.

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