A message of hope from Chaim Peri.

Dear Friends,

Shalom. While the current, unprecedented events unfold, many graduates call to check how we are doing and to share their concerns.

I keep reminding them what they heard when they were younger: that when a crisis happens, the first best step to take, is to pause, look inwards, and take stock of their achievements and strengths.

These are the assets with which they have to approach the situation.
Self-assurance, values and beliefs gained through life experience, will help them through, and more so – turn them into a source of confidence and hope in their social circles.

I am telling this to you, because of my confidence that the same applies for ImpactIsrael, the Village Way and the Village. In these times, with our inspirational, educational assets, we have what it takes to serve as a stable lighthouse to our friends and partners on both sides of the ocean.

Chaim Peri, Founder,
Village Way Educational Initiatives


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