The healing and transformative effects of meditative music.

Many thanks to the nearly 40 guests who attended a recent ImpactIsrael program in Los Angeles featuring musical visionary and pianist, Murray Hidary, who presented his unique immersive style.

We are grateful to ImpactIsrael supporter, Shirin Yadegar and her husband, Peyman, for hosting this event. The Yadegar family previously hosted a large group of friends and family on a visit to Yemin Orde Youth Village in honor of daughter, Bella’s, Bat Mitzvah. At Yemin Orde, Bella and others brought supplies, made cards and packed care packages for the Village’s graduate-soldiers, and celebrated her special B’nai Mitzvah achievement with the entire community.

“Shirin worked so hard to bring this piano concert to fruition. We are enormously grateful for her support of ImpactIsrael and dedication to Israel’s deserving at-risk youth,” said Lianne Goldsmith, West Coast Director, ImpactIsrael.

Many thanks to board members David Amar and Jeremy Barnett for attending and sharing stories about visits to Yemin Orde, as well as to Rosanne Ziering, who also visited the Village in April 2019 on ImpactIsrael’s VIP trip to Israel.

Following the concert, Robert Arogeti, Board Chair, ImpactIsrael, opened a discussion about Yemin Orde and the Village Way educational methodology, a framework for learning and living that has expanded throughout Israel’s communities with high populations of at-risk youth. Today, the Village Way methodology is integrated into 55 educational communities, thereby impacting 22,000 at-risk youth and 2,500 educators in Israel.

Yemin Orde graduate, Tommy Petrov, shared his experiences at the Village and explained how his educators and the supportive community nurtured him and helped him develop as an artist. Today, Petrov has a successful career as a Creative Director.

Music as Therapy

Journalist Danielle Berrin introduced Hidary and described the healing and transformative efforts of his meditative music. An example of this beneficial impact is the music therapy program at Yemin Orde Youth Village, where music and singing provide important outlets for creative expression and healing qualities to at-risk youth.

Hidary introduced his music and explained the journey he took from successful entrepreneur who had studied classic piano and composing for many years to his current path that encompasses immersive meditative experiences. Hidary’s musical repertoire is spontaneous and he begins his concerts based on the energy he feels in the room. 

Arogeti said Hidary’s meditative approach “was the most magnificent musical massage he has ever experienced.”

Would you like to host an ImpactIsrael program in your community? There are many ways for you to be involved and support our important mission.

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