Youth at Yemin Orde Youth Village receive awards of excellence for academic and personal growth.

Each year, educators award youth in grades 9-12 with certificates of excellence that reflect achievement in classroom learning as well as personal growth on many levels.

Youth receive awards of excellence in school and in life.

For example, youth receive certificates of excellence due to volunteer efforts, involvement with activities within their group homes and the Village community, self-confidence and having a positive attitude as well as showing improvements in their studies, classroom participation and involvement in extra-curricular activities.

Award recipients were announced during the Village-wide ceremony which was held in Yemin Orde’s multi-purpose gymnasium. Youth were presented with their certificates by their homeroom teachers, informal educators and other staff, who congratulated their students with warm hugs and handshakes.

Keep reaching for excellence

Harriet and George Blank (pictured, right, with Shmuli Bing), longtime supporters of Yemin Orde and ImpactIsrael, were traveling in Israel and had the opportunity to attend the ceremony and address the youth. George served as Chair of ImpactIsrael (formerly Friends of Yemin Orde) from 2017-2019. Harriet also served on ImpactIsrael’s Board of Directors.

“It is a great privilege for Harriett and me to be with you again. We came to the Village about 30 years ago and met many young people just like you, who were just beginning their journey as new immigrants, new young Israeli’s from all over the world. Now they are great leaders, great citizens, great mothers and fathers of the State of Israel,” said George. “This morning we see an example of members of the Village who have accomplished a great deal and have used their gifts to achieve their goals. You are all capable of doing great things…keep dreaming, keep building.”

Youth received a certificate and hugs from their educators.

Each time a name was called, the youth’s photo was projected onto a screen along with their achievements as their peers cheered them on. Each and every youth’s accomplishments received respect and affirmation of their ability to work hard and reach their goals.

For one youth who could not easily come to the award ceremony because of a medical issue, staff members went to his home in order to bring him to the Village so he could attend the award program. This show of support and care is important to Yemin Orde’s at-risk youth as it reflects the notion that they are worthy and have adult role models they can count on.

The promise that “Yemin Orde will always be there for you” is important to each and every at-risk youth in the Village. Graduates receive academic scholarships and return to the Village for holidays, life cycle events, Shabbat weekends or time off from military service. They know they will always have a home at Yemin Orde.

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