Annual program offers family members the chance to meet teachers, informal educators at Yemin Orde.

Family Day provides chance to meet with educators, staff members at Yemin Orde.

Just prior to the Israel-wide winter school break, family members of youth at Yemin Orde Youth Village arrived for the annual Family Day program. The Village organized buses from various locations across Israel to make it easier for the special visitors to attend.

A total of 243 families attended, which represented 67% of those youth with family members in Israel.

The day included a detailed tour of the Village. Family members saw where study areas, residential homes and were introduced to all the different extra-curricular activities available. They met with both the school and informal education teams and received a detailed progress report, emphasizing achievements and successes. Since not all the families are proficient in Hebrew, someone was always there to help with translation and understanding.

Fresh mint tea served on Family Day

Fresh mint tea was served to visitors on Family Day

At the Eco-Farm, the kids prepared wrapped spice plants to give each family and prepared tea from fresh mint. Our goal was to help family members feel a sense of involvement in their children’s lives, even though they no longer live full-time at home.

For those family members who live overseas, Skype video calls were arranged ahead of time, allowing participants to speak to each child as well as the teachers and informal educators.

These Skype calls are especially important for families who live in Ukraine, Azerbaijan and elsewhere in the former Soviet Union. The video calls are the only way these family members have to be in touch with the children. Translators were also available if needed to ensure any and all questions could be answered about the development of their children.

The day ended with a meaningful ceremony in the gymnasium where Shmuli Bing, Director, Yemin Orde Youth Village said:

“The reason we are here today is to get to know you better and for you to get to know us better, so that together we will succeed in doing something bigger and better to benefit your children.”

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