Israel President Reuven “Ruvi” Rivlin sends a personal letter of encouragement to Yemin Orde’s youth.

Israel President Rivlin writes a letter to Yemin Orde's youth

A letter from Israel President Rivlin hangs proudly in the dining room of Yemin Orde Youth Village for all to see. The letter provides insight on Pres. Rivlin’s views on “what it means to be an Israeli,” and reflects his support and recognition of Yemin Orde and the Village Way.

Dear Youth and Friends of Yemin Orde Youth Village,

I am pleased to write to you, congratulating you in regards to this school year. I know that most of you come from different places all over the world – and I am happy and excited that you have chosen such a new path, to become a part of Israeli society.

I was asked to share my views regarding the question: what does it mean to be Israeli?

There are a lot of things that are Israeli, it is hard to say in one sentence – the feature that sticks out as most relevant is the willingness to reach out, to help. An Israeli is always ready to give a helping hand (and usually both) in times of trouble.

In every place you will find it – the Israeli that happily reaches out with a smile, without asking questions and without giving a second thought. True, on the outside we appear tough, but inside we are full of love and giving. I am sure that you as new immigrants feel it, too, the Israeli strength of spirit and giving.

Israel is a Kibbutz Galuyot (ingathering of the exiles), of people from different parts of the world. I believe that the best way to connect between the different groups is to build relationships, work together and hold respectful dialogue. This will allow us to better understand each other, to see how similar we are and at the end of the day, know that most are working towards the same essential goals.

I hope this year you will become further acquainted with Israeli’s, to meet with an array of interesting people, and enjoy all the good the State of Israel has to offer.

Yours sincerely,

Reuven “Ruvi” Rivlin

The at-risk youth who live at Yemin Orde Youth Village come from around the world, including those who are born in Israel. It is especially meaningful that President Rivlin understands the scope of the Village’s diverse global community, and that he recognizes the Village Way’s impact promoting tolerance, dialogue and respect on the future of the State of Israel and its future leaders.

Yemin Orde’s population:
33% Ethiopia
24% former Soviet Union
17% France
16% Israel (native born)
8 Brazil
2% Other (Hungary, Slovakia, Belgium, Venezuela, Morocco, UK, US)

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