ImpactIsrael’s 2019 VIP Israel trip explored the Village Way methodology to see, first-hand, how this innovative educational framework is changing the nature of education for at-risk youth in Israel.

ImpactIsrael organized a comprehensive VIP trip to Israel to introduce participants to Yemin Orde Youth Village and the Village Way methodology. The five-day customized itinerary included tours of Yemin Orde, a Village Way partner school in the Arab city of Tamra, top Israeli cuisine, discussions with Israeli scholars, political leaders and journalists, a visit to Yemin Orde’s Young Men’s Pre-Military Leadership Program (Mechina) and access to the Village Way Educational Initiatives Conference at Tel Aviv University.

Travelers from coast to coast toured throughout the northern and central regions in Israel. “Seeing is believing,” said one trip participant.

Photos: Top row, left to right: VIP Israel participants in front of Yemin Orde’s “Godjo” (Ethiopian hut); Robert Arogeti, incoming ImpactIsrael Board Chair; George Blank, current ImpactIsrael Board Chair; Charlie Gwirtsman, past ImpactIsrael Board Chair; Eco-Farm’s manager, Avner, with organic produce.

Bottom row, left to right: Ibn Rushd Tamra Technology high school (Village Way partner community); Village Way’s Young Men’s Pre-Military Leadership Program (Mechina); Educators at Village Way Educational Initiatives Conference in Tel Aviv.

At the Village Way Educational Initiatives Conference, participants met educators whose schools and educational communities have adopted the Village Way framework into their curriculum.

“The Village Way helps us take children who, otherwise, would not have a dream, to help them have aspirations,” said an educator from a Village Way partner high school. “Through the Village Way, we help our youth realize that we all can have dreams.”

Visit Yemin Orde on your next trip to Israel

Discover the magic of Yemin Orde!

Visitors are always welcome at Yemin Orde Youth Village. Many of our at-risk youth without family in Israel live at the Village year-round. Contact if you plan to be in Israel and would like to stop by the Village.

You can discover the magic of Yemin Orde with a personal tour!

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