Intercommunity Forum Meetings inspire educators into action.

The Village Way Educational Institute provides opportunities for Israel’s educators to meet each other for a day of focused learning and discussion on a specific topic. These gatherings are called Intercommunity Forum Meetings because they bring together educators from across a broad spectrum of partner educational communities.

Village Way educators share ideas at Intercommunity Forum Meetings.
Village Way educators gather at Intercommunity Forum Meetings to discuss best practices, network and share ideas for new ways to help their at-risk students achieve to the best of their ability.

The Educational Institute is the think tank for Village Way Educational Initiatives, which oversees the expansion of the Village Way methodology throughout Israel.

These forums focus on Village Way topics and are designed to inspire educators into action, provide a platform for sharing best practices and an opportunity to participate in peer learning activities. Educational Institute facilitators lead the discussions by providing relevant content and opportunities for knowledge sharing.

Forum Meetings Inspire Educators to Share Ideas

This year, so far, the Educational Institute has hosted forum meetings on “Between Tikkun (repair) and Hope – An Opportunity for a New Beginning.” This topic discusses the idea of encouraging participation in a pre-army leadership program for their students, as well as attendance and truancy issues, and the concept of using “Community Courts” for behavioral issues.

This year, more than ever, the Institute is seeing success in having educators who participate in the Forums bring the knowledge and content resources back to their educational communities. This way, educators can share new information with leadership or with the entire staff, thereby expanding the impact of these meetings.

The Institute has also created booklets pamphlets and accompanying materials for these meetings, in order to make bringing the content back to their communities even easier.

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