High school for at-risk youth in Arab community of Jisr a-Zarqa hosts first school-wide soccer tournament.

Great teamwork and fun proved to be the winning combination at Jisr a-Zarqa Atid Technology High School, a Village Way Educational Initiatives partner school, located in the Arab community of Jisr a-Zarqa. The school recently organized its first school-wide soccer tournament with great success, thanks to the training and encouragement from Village Way Educational Institute facilitators.

The high school’s students reflect that community’s deeply marginalized Arab population.

At-risk teens who attend a Village Way Educational Initiatives partner high school in the Arab community of Jisr a-Zarqa participate in a school-wide soccer tournament. School educators said students thoroughly enjoyed the soccer competition and exhibited excellent sportsmanship and teamwork throughout the tournament.

Village Way facilitators worked closely with the high school’s educators to encourage a successful and positive tournament. Facilitators also provided encouragement and guidance to school staff to help them better connect with their students in a more positive and outgoing way.

On the opening day of the soccer tournament, all of the school’s students arrived to watch the first game with much anticipation. Everyone cheered their friends and watched the game in a friendly and festive manner.

At the end of the game, which ended in a 10th grade victory over the 11th graders, all players from both teams stood together and shook hands smiling. For the tournament’s final game, the school’s staff invited a graduate of Jisr a-Zarqa who plays in Israel’s Premier Soccer League to serve as a referee and hand out the trophies to the winning team.

Educators and students at Jisr a-Zarqa high school enjoyed a school-wide soccer tournament.

Jisr a-Zarqa Atid Technology High School has an enrollment of 200 students and 32 staff members. It is currently in its third year of integrating the Village Way methodology into its curriculum.

Now, more than ever, professionals working with at-risk youth are utilizing the Village Way methodology and see positive changes in their relationship to the troubled students. To date, VWEI is working with 49 educational communities. Since its launch in 2006, VWEI has impacted 2,300 educators and 18,500 youth at-risk in Israel.

The goal by 2021, is to expand to 61 educational communities in Israel and reach 25,000 youth and 2,800 educators.

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