Yemin Orde Youth Village, located south of Haifa, is home, school and safe haven to 430 at-risk and immigrant youth, ages 14-19, who are first generation Israelis, or their parents are first generation Israelis, from from Ethiopia, the Former Soviet Union, France, and Brazil.

The Village’s youth arrive at Yemin Orde from the lowest end of Israel’s socio-economic scale. Yemin Orde’s dedicated staff, along with the Village’s deeply sensitive approach to living and learning, helps transform the lives of Israel’s at-risk youth. With its successful Village Way educational methodology, fragile teens overcome past trauma, develop self-esteem, confidence, leadership skills and embrace hope so that they can lead meaningful and productive lives as Israeli citizens.

Please help Daniella raise funds for Yemin Orde's Girls Empowerment Program.

I specifically chose to support Yemin Orde’s Girls Empowerment program because I know how important it is to feel connected to yourself, community, and friends. At this age, it is very hard to feel good about yourself in general, but even harder if you do not have supportive parents or a loving family. Yemin Orde’s Girls Empowerment program gives their girls an understanding family, kind friends and self- confidence.

I hope that by focusing my fundraising efforts on Yemin Orde’s Girls Empowerment program, I can help give girls around my age support, love, and self-confidence. Additionally, I want them to know that there are people from other parts of the world who care about them because everyone deserves to grow up in a loving home.

Please help me raise funds for Israel’s at-risk youth. Please consider joining my effort and making a donation to ImpactIsrael. Click here to donate.  Also, in the section “Earmark Your Gift” on the donate form, please indicate “Daniella Zalik’s Bat Mitzvah” so that your gift is designated toward my bat mitzvah project.

With love and gratitude,
Daniella Zalik