Israel’s Ministry of Education cites Yemin Orde’s high school for top social, ethical and academic achievements of its youth. Evaluation measured against all 1,664 high schools in Israel.

News updateImpactIsrael is proud to announce that Yemin Orde High School, located inside Yemin Orde Youth Village, has clinched a top spot on a ranking of outstanding high schools in Israel. The ranking, published by Israel’s Ministry of Education, evaluated high schools according to the academic, social and ethical achievements of their students, and placed Yemin Orde among the top 4.3 percent of all 1,664 high schools across Israel.

“We are grateful for this recognition by the Ministry of Education and I thank each of our educators and staff members for making a meaningful difference in the lives of our at-risk youth and in their future,” said Shmuli Bing, Director, Yemin Orde Youth Village. “We will continue with our important mission to provide the best education and care for our students and will strive for nothing less than the best in the upcoming year.”

students in Yemin Orde classroomOut of Israel’s 1,664 high schools evaluated, 292 achieved the highest rank from the education ministry. Of these 292 top-ranked high schools, only 72 received the highest exemplary ranking, which included Yemin Orde High School. Educators at Yemin Orde, as well at other top-rated high schools cited by the government, will receive personal cash bonuses from Israel’s Ministry of Education as a reward for their schools’ outstanding achievements.

The Israel-wide evaluation considered the improvements in student achievements compared to the previous school year.

High school rated on achievements of students

Rated elements of academic achievements are:
• Percentage of children eligible for a Matriculation Certificate. A matriculation certificate in Israel indicates a student’s academic readiness for higher education.
• Percentage of children with outstanding academic achievements (high level of English, mathematics, humanities and science)

Rated elements of social and ethical achievements are:
• Non-dropout rate
• Percent of graduates joining the military, national service or gap-year leadership program (Mechina, in Hebrew)
• Community Service
• Percentage of special education students

In a letter to Yemin Orde High School, Dassi Be’eri, Director, Israel’s Department of High School Education at the Ministry of Education, said: “…Including (Yemin Orde High School) on this list is a symbol of appreciation for your leadership and for the meaningful work of the educational staff. I see great importance in commending the educators who make a difference, who advance each child beyond their expected abilities, who influence and contribute to shaping the future of their pupils and bring them to academic, personal and social excellence. Congratulations to the leadership of the school and the entire educational staff.”

Most of the 430 at-risk teens who attend Yemin Orde’s high school are first generation Israelis – or their parents are first-generation Israelis – and are from Israel’s lowest socio-economic sectors. Many of its at-risk teens have suffered trauma from destructive childhoods framed by elements such as extreme poverty, family dysfunction, abandonment, loss and violence.

Yet, with the help of highly-dedicated staff and a successful and innovative educational methodology, called the Village Way, the hearts and minds of these fragile youth heal, as they thrive to embrace hope for their future as productive citizens of Israel.

Yemin Orde High School provides strong academic foundation

“This recognition by Israel’s Ministry of Education is a validation of our vision, which is to transform at-risk youth from survival to leadership in Israel,” said George Blank, Board Chair, ImpactIsrael. “Clearly, a strong academic foundation is critical in a knowledge-based economy such as Israel. Congratulations to the entire staff.”

Yemin Orde Youth Village’s remarkable success at transforming the lives of Israel’s at-risk youth provides a paradigm shift in the educational philosophy for Israel’s growing population of underserved and fragile youth. In 2006, Israel’s Ministry of Education urged Yemin Orde educators to create a blueprint to expand the Village Way methodology to other youth villages and schools, nationwide. Village Way Educational Initiatives (VWEI) launched with this mission in mind.

Today, VWEI serves as Israel’s national resource center for the Village Way methodology. The Village Way Educational Institute is a unique educational think tank that generates and disseminates customized plans to 44 partner educational communities throughout Israel. These partners are youth villages, residential therapeutic communities and public high schools with large populations of at-risk youth, including schools in Arab communities.

VWEI has impacted 14,200 at-risk youth and 1,775 educators in Israel. The goal by 2021 is to partner with 61 educational communities in Israel, thereby impacting 25,000 at-risk youth and 2,800 educators.

Make a difference in the lives of Israel’s at-risk youth today. Support our important work at Yemin Orde Youth Village and Village Way Educational Initiatives. Israel’s youth are counting on you.

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