In honor of his upcoming bar mitzvah, Eli Germain, 13, is raising funds to support the recreational sports programs at Yemin Orde Youth Village.

Eli and his family visited Israel and Yemin Orde in 2016 to commemorate his older sister’s bat mitzvah. Even as a 10 year-old, Eli said he was moved by the experience and was deeply inspired by the Village’s hardworking youth and the dedication of staff and educators.

Eli is an avid athlete and especially loves tennis, football and basketball. He is thankful for the opportunity to play sports and to learn about discipline, teamwork, friendly competition and good sportsmanship. He would like Yemin Orde’s at-risk teens to be able to participate in quality sports programs and to experience fun and build skills of athletic activities.

Eli plans to raise funds for Yemin Orde’s athletic programming by playing in tennis tournaments. Please consider a gift to Friends of Yemin Orde in honor of Eli and his bar mitzvah so that the Village’s at-risk youth may know the joys of playing on a winning team.

Join Eli and his family in support of Yemin Orde and Israel’s at-risk youth. Click on “Earmark Your Gift” on the donate form and highlight Eli’s name so that your gift is designated toward his bar mitzvah project.