Grant will match new and increased gifts over the next two years

ImpactIsrael has received a two-year $172,000 challenge grant from a private foundation that wishes to remain anonymous. The grant will match dollar for dollar, up to a maximum of $21,500 per donor, per year, all new and increased gifts to ImpactIsrael.

Funds raised by the challenge grant will support the exemplary programs and services for at-risk youth at Yemin Orde Youth Village and will help expand the Village Way educational methodology throughout Israel, through Village Way Educational Initiatives.(VWEI)

Double your impact with challenge opportunity

Challenge grants such as this typically encourage support from donors as the value added to each gift doubles, thereby, increasing its significance and impact.

“We are grateful to this foundation for sharing our commitment to Israel’s at-risk youth and for helping to expand our Village Way methodology to hundreds more deserving children in Israel,” said Robert Arogeti, National Campaign Chair, ImpactIsrael. ” Certainly, the ability to have a matching gift elevates our fundraising ability and we appreciate the confidence this donor has in our work.”

Yemin Orde Youth Village is home to 430 at-risk youth from around the world. Today, the population of the Village consists predominately of youth from Ethiopia, the Former Soviet Union, France and Brazil, as well as youth born in Israel. Most of the at-risk teens at the Village have suffered trauma such as abandonment, extreme poverty and loss. They arrive at Yemin Orde with deep emotional scars and uncertainty about a bright future.

Through the Village’s unique and highly-effective educational methodology, called the Village Way, Yemin Orde’s youth thrive, develop self-esteem, and have high hopes for a productive future in Israel. They live in a safe and loving home environment, have an exemplary education, and are surrounded by positive role models. Their lives are transformed and they graduate capable and full of promise.

At Yemin Orde, fragile children’s lives are transformed and they graduate, capable and full of promise. Graduates serve with distinction in Israel’s military and hold positions in Israel’s health care, technology and life sciences industries, as well as the arts, politics and education.

Expanding the care and education for Israel’s at-risk youth

village way educators

VWEI expands the Village Way educational framework to hundreds more at-risk youth in 44 educational communities in Israel which includes youth villages, therapeutic residential communities and public high schools, including schools in Arab communities.

VWEI and its think tank, Village Way Educational Institute, provides educators with a three-year plan with teacher training, workshops and interventions in order to teach and better connect to their at-risk students.  Since its launch in 2006, the Village Way has reached more than 14,200 youth and 1,775 educators.

“We appreciate the support of this foundation and I am confident our donors will meet this challenge and more. Investing in the education of Israel’s youth at risk is one of the most important elements in the promise of a safe and secure Israel for future generations,” said Karen Sallerson, Executive Director, ImpactIsrael.

Your gift will transform the lives of hundreds of deserving at-risk youth. Double your impact with our fundraising challenge today.

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