New handbook to serve as inspirational resource for educators

We are proud to report that the new Village Way Handbook is now on sale in bookstores throughout Israel.  The handbook, titled “It Takes a Village”, is written by Dotan Levy, Director, Village Way Educational Institute.

Special thanks to World of Children for helping to fund publication of the handbook.

The handbook will serve as an inspirational resource of much of the knowledge, experience, and best practices that Village Way Educational Initiatives (VWEI) has amassed over the past decade of activity.

Dotan Levy, Director, Village Way Educational Institute

Included in the handbook are insights into the components of the Village Way methodology that have been implemented in Israel’s schools and other educational environments with high populations of at risk youth. The handbook also provides an educational roadmap for every parent and, indeed, for Israeli society.

Congratulations to Dotan for this wonderful and proud achievement!


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