Construction underway for two upgraded and spacious homes.

Construction begins on new children's homes.
Old homes are demolished to make way for construction of new children’s homes.

Building is underway for two new children’s homes at Yemin Orde Youth Village that will feature comfortable bedrooms and study environments – all important tools for school success.  The new homes will be ready for occupancy in Summer, 2019.

Boston philanthropists, Douglas and Judith Krupp, provided a 1:1 match up to a $1 million to build the two new homes for 50 children at the Village. The additional $1 million was secured thanks to the support of the Sherman Charitable Trust, London, England; Robert Altman, Yardley, PA; Max Blankfeld, Houston, TX and the Ted Perlman family, Chicago, IL.

New homes have updated safety features

Investing in rebuilding the children’s homes shows Yemin Orde’s at-risk youth, who have faced much adversity in their young lives, that they are respected and worthy. In this way, vulnerable teens can feel safe, happy and secure in the Village community.

“Yemin Orde represents the best of humanity and Israel,” said Douglas Krupp. “We are inspired by the excellent care and education at-risk youth receive at the Village.”

New children's homes are underway.
Making way for construction of new and upgraded children’s homes.

The new homes will feature more private space in each bedroom and a desk for each child. They will also have a clubhouse where teens can relax and spend free time together. There is also a kitchen area, and bathrooms and showers for each bedroom area.

In addition, the new homes will have upgraded special security rooms, made of fortified concrete, which is required by Israeli law. Current older homes do not have this fortified security room. The Ministry of Education also requires a special system for protecting against chemical warfare. The new homes will also have this special system.

Currently, there are 20 children’s homes at the Village that are named for famous Jewish and secular figures in history such as Martin Luther King Jr., David Ben Gurion, Golda Meir, and Elie and Marion Weisel, among others.

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