Yemin Orde graduate, Mevorach Avraham, is the Deputy Chief of the Netanya, Israel police force.

Netanya has become one of the major and most populous cities in Israel, with a high percentage of new Yemin Orde graduate Mevorach Avraham is high ranking police officer.immigrants, especially from Ethiopia, the Former Soviet Union and France. Since assuming his position about 18 months ago, Mevorach Avraham (photo, left) has introduced a new spirit to the police headquarters of this international city.

Mevorach’s creative and uncompromising multi-cultural approach already reflects on the activity of the entire station, where he is highly revered. It has also positively affected the relationship between Netanya Police Force and the local population.

Guiding principles reflect Village Way values

Mevorach’s guiding principles are: professionalism, respect, and above all – trust. We are proud of the impact he is making, bringing to the field the values he has absorbed at Yemin Orde Youth Village. Three additional police officers serving under him at the station are also Yemin Orde graduates of French, Russian and Ethiopian descent.

Chaim Peri and YO graduate Mevorach Avraham
Chaim Peri and Mevorach Avraham

Mevorach, who holds an MA in Public Administration, was orphaned at an early age, and grew up in most unfavorable circumstances. His knowledge, charisma and commitment now inspire youth of similar circumstances, and his own background immediately places him as an exceptional and accessible role model.

More than 20 years after graduating from Yemin Orde, Mevorach still speaks about the experience that made him who he is: “I love and respect you with all my heart. Know that the Yemin Orde children are present everywhere and this presence is having an effect. You should be proud of what you have created. At attention, and salute.”

Sharing lessons from a Village Way graduate

Yemin Orde graduate is high ranking police officer in Netanya
Mevorach Avraham (standing), Yemin Orde graduate, shares his insight with Mechina participants.

Recently, participants of Yemin Orde’s Young Men’s Gap-Year Leadership Program (Mechina in Hebrew) visited Netanya and met with Mevorach to discuss real-life challenges that can occur  between police and Israel’s immigrant populations.

Mevorach’s expertise, personal experience and his warm and inviting demeanor made him a role model for his young visitors, who engaged in lively and productive discussions about an important topic. One of the most significant events of the visit was a role reversal simulation where the police played the role of a detainee and the young men played the role of the police. The experience created an open and candid exchange forcing each participant to see what it was like for the other side.

Yemin Orde’s men’s Mechina was established in 2000 to empower young Israeli men from immigrant backgrounds with the skills necessary to excel in their mandatory military service. The program also helps ensure that these young men can thrive in their civilian life that follows. Yemin Orde’s mechina is supported through Village Way Educational Initiatives and private philanthropy.

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