British philanthropists pledge $4.5 million for new Auditorium.

Manny and Brigitta Davidson, philanthropists from the United Kingdom, have offered an excitingNew auditorium and culture center challenge grant opportunity to ImpactIsrael that will provide funding for the largest transformative  building project ever assumed at Yemin Orde Youth Village.

The Davidsons have generously pledged $4.5 million toward a new auditorium and cultural center at Yemin Orde, on the condition that ImpactIsrael raise $1 million
for the project.  (Design of center pictured at right)

The Manny and Brigitta Davidson Auditorium and Cultural Center will provide a state-of-the-art cultural arts venue to the Village and serve to greatly enhance the communal living experience for the Village’s 430 at-risk youth.

Proposed Center would accommodate entire Village population

Currently, Yemin Orde uses its gymnasium as a multi-purpose structure and lacks adequate space for gatherings that can accommodate the entire Village population.  This building, while suitable for basketball and other sports, has inadequate seating facilities, and is without heating or air conditioning.

The proposed Center will be accessible to people of all abilities and be used as a safe and comfortable space for events, celebrations and ceremonies, speaker programs, recitals and the enhancement of cultural arts programs.

Since, the Village serves as a central hub for Village Way Educational Initiatives, the proposed Auditorium would also provide a comfortable and suitable space to host its Israel-wide conferences, seminars and lectures.

Center’s design is sensitive to natural environment
Proposed cultural center fits into natural landscape.
Center’s design is sensitive to natural landscape.

The project is estimated to cost a total of $5.5 million and is designed by Knafo Klimor Architects, an award-wining Israeli architecture firm that specializes in designs that preserve environmental and social values.

The design of the proposed Auditorium and Cultural Center provides a panoramic view of the natural landscape that surrounds Yemin Orde.  In addition, architects have created an open and welcoming space that is drenched in natural light that invites social interactions and informal leisure activities such as reading, listening to music or drawing.

The observation deck, located on the roof of the auditorium, will overlook the Mediterranean Sea and provide for a beautiful and meditative environment. The building itself reflects the cultural identity of the Yemin Orde community with its open design, natural elements and deep respect for the land – all elements embraced by the global population of the Village’s youth.


Update: ImpactIsrael receives extraordinary gift from Kathy and Michael Azeez that allows for completion of funding needed to build the auditorium and cultural center at the Village.

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