Yemin Orde’s volunteer grandparents now have 430 additional grandchildren.

We wish a warm welcome to Sarah and Mordechai Prins who now serve as Yemin Orde’s resident “Savta” (Hebrew for grandmother) and “Saba” (Hebrew for grandfather). The Village’s volunteer “grandparents” provide  unconditional love, support and friendship to Yemin Orde’s at-risk youth, most of whom do not have grandparents in their lives to replicate this important role model.

The Prins will also host Shabbat activities, study sessions, and more in their home, which is located in the Village. They will also manage Yemin Orde’s extensive library and oversee special monthly birthday celebrations (photo at right).

Many of Yemin Orde’s fragile youth, especially those from Ethiopia, do not know the actual date of their birth and choose their own special day to celebrate. Yemin Orde, with the help of local restaurants, will host a birthday dinner for teens marking a milestone birthday.

430 grandchildren at Yemin Orde
Sarah and Mordechi Prins

Sarah, who was born in Romania, and Mordechai, who was born in Holland, both immigrated to Israel in the late 1950s. They met at the Tachkemoni School in Jerusalem, married and made their permanent home in Israel. They have five children and 18 grandchildren, plus 430 additional Yemin Orde grandchildren!

Professionally, Mordechai worked in business management in the public and private sectors, and Sarah served as an educational professional in university settings. She specialized in the Montessori educational system and opened and managed a kindergarten that operated in the spirit of Montessori.

Sarah and Mordechai have lived in many regions of Israel including Rishon LeZion, Beit Meir, Kiryat Gat and Jerusalem. They arrived at Yemin Orde after living in Nazareth Illit, where they helped newly-arrived Ethiopians acclimate to modern Israeli life.

Each Saturday morning, Sarah and Mordechai host Shabbat activities for visitors staying in the Village and, each afternoon they teach youth about the weekly Torah portion.

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