Students receive progress reports on academic achievement, personal goals

Students received awards for academic and personal achievement in the first half of the school year as well as their mid-year school progress report.

“It is important to listen to the positive remarks you hear about your gifts, skills and talents. Take all of this in with an open heart and a willing soul,” said Shmuli Bing, Director, Yemin Orde Youth Village.

Be brave and ask questions

Students received recognition for outstanding achievement in class attendance, a positive attitude, citizenship, academic improvement, respect for teachers and classmates, leadership and other areas of personal and school progress. Each child received a warm embrace from Yemin Orde’s educators and staff members as they received their special certificate.

Following the award ceremony, youth met with teachers and informal educators to receive a mid-year progress report card. Each child is provided with feedback regarding their school work as well as guidance on building healthy and productive relationships with their peers and family members. Academic goals are reviewed and discussed and targets for the second half of the year are set.

Shumli also advised students to take advantage of Yemin Orde’s supportive and caring staff and to ask their advice: “Go ahead and be brave. Ask the people who surround you a few questions: ‘how do you see me’ ?- this is a valuable opportunity which might not repeat itself,” Shmuli said.

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