The organic gardens at Yemin Orde’s Eco-Farm have yielded a full crop of vegetables and herbs for the highly-anticipated “Green Basket” program.

Now, local families and staff members can purchase baskets of fresh organic vegetables grown in the greenhouses and gardens at the Village. The baskets will contain lettuce, spinach, chard and parsley, among other herbs.

Yemin Orde’s Eco-Farm was established four years ago on a hillside near the Village, following the devastating 2010 wildfire in the Mt. Carmel region. Since that time, Yemin Orde’s youth, volunteers and staff members have worked to enhance and enlarge the area, building greenhouses, terraced gardens, a woodworking and ceramics shop, a blacksmith shop, and bringing in farm animals such as chickens and goats.

Greenhouse at Eco FarmThe Eco-Farm’s hydroponic greenhouse (photo at left) is located at the top of the farm and overlooks the terraced landscape. The greenhouse is modernized with computerized watering systems and serves as a living classroom for students interested in agriculture.

The Eco-Farm is a popular gathering place and offers a creative learning environment for our at-risk youth. Teens gain self-esteem, pride in their work, and a feeling of belonging to the Land of Israel as they learn to care for the Eco-Farm’s gardens and animals. They also can learn valuable skills such as woodworking and metal-working.

The Eco-Farm is also home to goats and chickens. Youth learn to take care of these animals and shepherd the goats as well as feed the chickens and collect their eggs. The fresh eggs and goat milk is then used in meals at the Village, as well as sold to staff members.

Yemin Orde’s Eco-Farm is a popular stop during visits to the Village. If you are coming to Israel, please include a visit to Yemin Orde on Mt. Carmel.

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