Summertime brings visitors to Yemin Orde Youth Village.

Rabbis from around the U.S. learn about the Village Way.

Yemin Orde Youth Village remains open 24/7, 365 days/year to provide a loving home and safe environment for youth who have no other family or close friends in Israel. Throughout the summer months, many people visit the Village when they are in Israel on vacation with family trips, with groups, or as individuals.

Our staff provides an extensive walking tour of Yemin Orde as well as opportunities to meet our youth, chat with educators and even stay for lunch.  A visit to Yemin Orde will surely be  one of the highlights of your Israel experience.

Summertime is a great time for a visit!

Thank you to all those who visited Yemin Orde during June and July. View our slideshow of visitors and see how many friends you can spot.

bob and barbara

Bob Goldman and Barbara Goldman launched Friends of Yemin Orde at their kitchen table in Boston nearly 30 years ago.

rabbi group

Rabbis from around the U.S.
stopped by to learn about
the Village Way.

Uri Goldberg, wife, kids2

Uri Goldberg and his family learned
about Yemin Orde's global community
of children.


Judy Kaye, and her daughter, Laura,
stopped by the Village's B'nai Mitzvah
Wall of Honor. They are standing beside
Laura's name on the wall


Thanks to Marcie Zelikow and her
family for years of dedication and
support to Yemin Orde and Israel's at-risk youth.

freda greenbaum

Great to reunite Freda Greenbaum and
Batya Shmueli at Yemin Orde!


United Synagogue Youth



doris jacobson family

Thanks to Doris Jacobson
and her family.

Yardeni-Funk synagogues

Great to have this group of rabbis, congregants and
friends from Los Angeles and Las Vegas at Yemin Orde.

bella yadegar bat mitzvah

Bella Yadegar from Los Angeles
celebrated her bat mitzvah
at Yemin Orde with friends, family
and our youth.

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