Village Way Educational Initiatives recently completed a comprehensive survey of graduates from partner educational communities that have completed the three-year Village Way Integration Process.

Twelve graduate communities participated in this process with an impressive 89 percent response rate for this survey.

The results indicate positive  general impressions of Village Way community graduates:

  • The majority of graduates are entering and completing mandatory military service, which shows a sense of belonging to Israeli society.
  • The majority of those who have completed their service are working.  This shows a positive life path, despite their difficult backgrounds.
  • For those who are not working, very often they were those who did not complete their army service; which only strengthens the notion that a successful period of army service sets a young adult on a track for a more successful and productive civilian life.
  • In addition, the majority of graduates are still connected to friends from their school or village, which reflects a feeling of belonging to their community.
  • The percentage of those graduates who attended or are attending pre-army leadership programs (mechina in Hebrew) is small. Furthermore, it was found that this result varies widely between educational communities.

Survey results reflect positive outcomes

The survey also inspired educators to reconnect with graduates, engage in one-on-one discussions with them, and get a clear idea of their needs and challenges.

At this point in the survey process, said Village Way facilitators,  it is difficult to obtain a clear picture of higher education among graduates, as the majority are still serving in the military or have only recently completed their service.  This age group (ages 18-24) is when the majority of Israeli young adults are working, saving their money, preparing for university entrance exams, and thinking about the next steps in their life.

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