Very dear friends and partners, Shalom

In the face of the recent ruling in Israel, which excludes the Reform and Conservative movements, I feel that our basic values are under attack, and find it imperative to connect with you and share our angle.

Whatever else must happen to the Jewish People?! Which painful, historic lesson have we not yet learned, that we fail to nurture and protect unity within Israel – which is inseparable from unity with our brothers and sisters across the ocean?

In “God in Search of Man” Rabbi Heschel wonders – what is it that constitutes a true religious life? He then answers – “True religion is determined by the way it promotes unity, the supreme ideal of human

In a practical sense, our sages have taught us not to rely solely on miracles or divine intervention, but to take action and change realities with our own hands. This became the #1 ideological banner of the original Zionist movement, and we are determined to adhere to it here and now, through thick and thin.

In the Village Way educational hubs across Israel, we will now work even harder to shape the young of this country into free-thinking, broadminded individuals, who respect their fellow men regardless of religious expression.

We shall not rest until Israel’s educational system, brick by brick and layer by layer, embraces our shared values and principles – our Village Way of inclusiveness, tolerance and humaneness.

Bless you for being with us all the way,
Chaim Peri
and the entire Yemin Orde and Village Way Team

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