Yemin Orde’s Israeli leadership recently wrapped up a whirlwind fundraising tour after visiting six U.S. cities in two weeks.

Special thanks to FYO board members and supporters who organized and hosted events in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Los Angeles, as well as to Yemin Orde graduates, Sandro Golis and Miriam Ciesler, who attended meetings to share their personal journeys.

Highlights from East Coast to West Coast

Thanks to Harvey Potter, FYO board member, for organizing a special music program that featured a live performance by Israeli-born Broadway singer, Omer Shaish. The event, co-sponsored by the America-Israel Cultural Foundation, was at the home of Rebecca and Bennett Lindenbaum.

Miriam Ciesler gave a speech for the first time in English about her personal journey to Israel.

In Boston,  Shmuli Bing, Director, Yemin Orde Youth Village, visited with a number of friends to provide updates on the Village as well as the successful expansion of the Village Way throughout Israel. (Photo, left to right: Evelyn Weyl, Shmuli Bing, Guy Weyl)

The Cincinnati community warmly welcomed Susan Weijel, Deputy Director, Yemin Orde Youth Village and Village Way Educational Initiatives. Thanks to  Julie and Steve Shifman for hosting a private dinner at their home for prospective supporters to meet Susan.  Cincinnati native, Dr. Harry Heiman, who currently lives in Atlanta, attended the dinner to share his passion for Yemin Orde.

“Yemin Orde has really developed a unique and powerful model for truly transforming the lives of at-risk youth,” Heiman said. “Yemin Orde is one of those rare places on the planet that lives, embodies and respects the inherent value of each child.” (Photo above, left to right: Susan Weijel, Julie Shifman, Dr. Harry Heiman)

Additionally, Susan addressed a group at Cincinnati’s Adath Israel Congregation where she reunited with friends who visited the village on congregational missions  led by Rabbi Irv Wise.  Additionally, Rabbi Wise organized a lunch for local rabbis and other Jewish communal professionals to learn about the Village Way. 

Susan also explained the Village Way model at a gathering for social service and education professionals, sponsored by the Cincinnati United Way.  (Photo at left)


In Pittsburgh, Chaim and Miriam shared their stories at a dinner organized by FYO Board Member Marty Davis and his wife, Annie. (Photo, left to right: Chaim Peri, Marty Davis, Miriam Ciesler). 


In Philadelphia, Chaim and Miriam met with Stefanie Seltzer, author, educator and FYO supporter. (Photo at left)

In Los Angeles, Shmuli met with professionals at the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles and the Jewish Community Foundation. He also visited with board members  of Temple Israel of Hollywood, which recently visited the Village on a congregational mission.

As a result of Temple Israel’s trip and visit, Rabbi John Rosove wrote about Yemin Orde in a recent blogpost.

Want to Host?

It is always a special time when our friends from Israel visit the United States. If you are interested in hosting an event to help promote Yemin Orde in your community, please contact us and we will be glad to help you.

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