In Yemin Orde’s third annual Debate Championship, 11 participants explored a range of social and deeply personal issues—from the importance of actively caring for the environment to how agriculture and technology contribute to Israel. One emotional speech discussed the distress of his parents’ divorce and another student spoke about the adversity of being an orphan.

Learning to Speak with Confidence in Debate Club

The event was sponsored by a top Israeli law firm. Weeks before the championship, debaters visited the firm’s Tel Aviv offices (photo at right) where each teen met with an attorney who helped them with their speeches. The attorneys also shared their personal professional journey and took the group on a special guided tour of a courtroom.

A group of attorneys from the law firm also served as judges at the final debate competition.

Many of Yemin Orde’s youth have difficulty speaking publicly because of extreme shyness, low self-esteem and language difficulties. The Village’s debate club encourages teens to speak confidentially and communicate clearly, strengthens critical thinking skills and builds research and academic skills.



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