The festive Jewish holiday of Purim was celebrated at Yemin Orde and in our partner educational communities in Israel.  Youth donned homemade costumes, participated in readings of the Megillah-the Biblical story of Queen Esther and how she saved the Jews of Persia- and delivered Purim treat baskets to staff members and others.

At Kedma, a partner educational community of Village Way Educational Initiatives (VWEI), youth spent one month planning and making their costumes for the holiday. Most of the costumes were made using recycled materials, fabric and paper scraps, and existing clothing. Photo at right is of Kedma’s youth parading as a deck of cards.

At Mitrani Holon Ort High School, a VWEI partner community that is a vocational high school for at-risk youth, students studying cosmetology applied make-up (photo on left) to enhance their costumes, and students studying design made colorful and theatrical  masks.


Purim is also celebrated community-wide at Yemin Orde Youth Village, where youth participated in a costume parade, enjoyed sweet holiday treats, and gathered at the synagogue to read the Megillah, the story of Purim.

Purim and the Village Way

At Yemin Orde and our Village Way partner communities,  Jewish holidays are celebrated as one community along with a deep respect for diversity of cultures and traditions.

Activities such as Purim celebrations and educational programs that further connect youth to their Jewish identity are funded through donations by our global community of supporters. These learning opportunities are part of the Yemin Orde difference.

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