For nearly 70 years, Janet and Jake Farber have shared a passion for Israel. Their generosity, leadership and dedication have helped to build a strong and cohesive Jewish community in Los Angeles and a secure State of Israel for today and generations to come.

The Farbers have been generous supporters of Friends of Yemin Orde since 2005 and deeply understand the importance of a quality education to Israel’s at-risk immigrant youth.

“We feel that through education we can reach the next generation of young people in Israel and at Yemin Orde,” Janet said. “We know that through what’s taught at the Village, Israel’s at-risk youth can become the next leaders of the country.”

The Farbers Knocked on Doors

Starting in 1948, when the creation of a new Jewish state was on the verge of becoming a reality, Janet and Jake went door to door in their Los Angeles neighborhood to raise funds for the fledging country of Israel.  “If we saw a mezuzah on the front door, we knocked on it,” Janet said.

The couple both learned about the significance of tzedekah as children, although their childhood experiences differed greatly.

“My parents and landsmen (fellow Jews) from the ‘Old Country’ gathered at our home to talk about how to raise money for the Zionist cause and I listened,” said Janet. “When the 1967 war in Israel broke out, we immersed ourselves in raising funds because we felt that we wanted to do something to help.”

Jake grew up poor in an Orthodox home. His father died when he was eight years old and his mother found work as a seamstress to support Jake and his baby sister.

“I know what it means not to have anything. So I was hoping for a day that I could be able to help someone else,” Jake said.

Caring deeply for Israel’s at-risk youth

Janet and Jake have now traveled to Israel more than 50 times. They are inspired by Chaim Peri, the Village’s staff and the youth who work hard to overcome past traumas in their lives.

“I imagine it must be so difficult for Yemin Orde’s children to leave their families or not have any family of their own. It’s heartbreaking. But it is terrific for teens from Israel, Ethiopia, France and other countries to have each other and to learn about each other.”

In 2015, the Farbers were honored with the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles’s first Jewish Community Lifetime Achievement Award.

“We are grateful to the Farbers for supporting Yemin Orde for over a decade. They are role models for their children, grandchildren and the entire Los Angeles Jewish community. I am honored to work with them to advance Yemin Orde’s important mission on the West Coast,” said Lianne Goldsmith, West Coast Director, Friends of Yemin Orde.


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